Vintage Spinner Rack by James Zee

Melbourne Newsagent 1978

Kevin Patrick has shared11Australian Reprint Comic Book Appreciation Society Facebook group,   an image from the photographic book 'Old Vintage Melbourne, 1960-1990' (Chris Macheras, Scribe Publications, 2022),22   with photos of shop fronts, streetscapes, laneways and suburban shopping strips.

One photo sourced from the National Archives of Australia shows a woman in an unidentified Melbourne newsagent. Next to her is a rack with comics on sale.

While the majority of identifiable issues are undated Australian comics, several are US and UK imports. Based on the available information, were are seeing what was on the stands in April or May 1978.

Here's what's been identified on the racks:

Revealing Confessions (Transpacific Publications, 1970? series)


Stark Terror (Yaffa/Page, 1977? series) #8


Daredevil The Man Without Fear (Yaffa/Page, 1977? series) #2


Bumper Western Album (Murray, 1978 series) #70


Man and Woman (KG Murray, 1974? series) #30


Bumper Batcomic (Murray, 1978 series) #10


Scary Tales (Murray, 1977 series) #2


Jaws of Horror (Unknown, 1978? series)


For Lovers Only (Murray, 1979 series) #2


Green Lantern Album (Murray, 1978? series) #8


Love Song Romances (Murray, 1978 series) #82


Super Giant Album (Murray, 1977 series) #27


Planet Series 1 (Murray, 1977 series) #7


Cheeky Weekly (IPC, 1977? series) #21


Justice League of America (DC, 1960 series) #153


Captain America (Marvel, 1968 series) #219


Shade, the Changing Man (DC, 1977 series) #6


Star Wars (Marvel, 1977? series) #9


Ms. Marvel (Yaffa/Page, 1978 series) #1


Strange Tales (Yaffa/Page, 1978 series) #1


Supernatural Thrillers (Yaffa/Page, 1978 series) #1


Hanna-Barbera Hong Kong Phooey (KG Murray, 1977? series) #5


Grand Prix (Murray, 1978 series) #2



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